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The Skagerlind Internet Archive (SIA) is a genealogical project documenting the history of four families, two Swedish and two Chinese, that make up the DNA of the curator's children. The hope is that the archive will become a resource not just for them, but for all family members, helping us understand from whom, and from where, we come. The site now has over 100 records of family ancestors, the earliest on record being born in the 17th Century, and a growing number of images.
The project is by definition incomplete and therefore a work in progress. It has been published to the web so that others can contribute - as many now have - by helping to fill in the gaps in the records . To that end, if you find yourself here with a second name that is the same as one of the four families above, and you think you have useful information on any family members found here - or any others that may be missing - please contact the curator. I am more than happy to acknowledge contributors in the record citations.

The SIA is intended as an historical record of family and lineage - not as a database of the present. So for privacy reasons, no records will be published in 2013 on any individual born after 1933. This means there is an 80 year embargo on the publishing of any individual's history. This is a "rolling" rule, so in 2014, any relevant individual born in 1934 could be added to the archive. (Note: names of individuals born within the last 80 years may be mentioned for context, but these will not be linked to records.)

All information that does exist on individuals has been sourced from publicly available records such as the US Census, published works or Swedish church/emigration records. Additional information has been sourced from documents, images or personal communication where the individuals or families concerned have kindly given their permission to publish. Wherever possible, individual records contain citations for source material.
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