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I-Chao Chu, taken from a publicity

I-Chao Chu

Date & Place Of Birth
1911, Shantong Province, China

Known Domiciles
Shantong Province
Peking (Beijing), China
South Orange, NJ, USA

Known Occupations
Artist, trained at the Peking (Beijing) Art Academy.

Immediate Family
Spouse: Jing-Yun Chu
Children: Chu Fen-Dow, Chu Shang-Li, Chu Fen-Yung

Date Of Death

I-Chao means "One Boat". He emigrated to the USA from Taiwan in 1972. He won numerous awards for his paintings & calligraphy, including first prize at the following exhibitions: the Chinese Paintings Exhibition at the Central Park, Peking in 1934, the Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy exhibition, Ninhsia Province, 1935, Chinese Paintings Exhibition, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, 1966, Princeton Art Association's 5th Annual Watercolor Exhhibition, 1973, Ocean Gate Art Exhibition NJ, 1976.

I-Chao Chu