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Anders Gustaf Skagerlind

Date & Place Of Birth
March 4th, 1835, Åtorp?, Skagershult, Närke (Örebro Län) Sweden (1)

Known Domiciles
Viby (2)

Known Occupations
Blacksmith (smed) (2)

Immediate Family
Parents: Henrik Olofsson, Eva Fallström
Spouse: Anna Lovisa Andersdotter (1) (2)
Children: Gustav Arvid, Hjalmar, Georg, Elis (2)

Date Of Death

Married July 12th, 1857 (1) (May 31, 1857) (3) in Viby and moved to Viby a year later. Anna Lovisa and their children emigrated to the USA April 28th, 1871, after Anders Gustaf had already departed (2) (4)
(1) Skagershult: Rekonstruktion av Skagershults kyrkböcker
(2) Emibas (via
(3) Marriage record, courtesy of Barbara Cintado, great great granddaughter to Anna Lovisa Andersdotter (4)
Passenger manifest, courtesy of Barbara Cintado