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August Hjalmar Skagerlind

Date & Place Of Birth
July 25th, 1865, Törntorp? (1)

Known Domiciles
1888 - Eastern Avenue N.East Kendall, Worcester, MA (2)
1889 - House 3, Maxwell, Worcester, MA (2)
1890 - House 4, Perry Avenue, Worcester, MA (2)
1910 - Ward 10, Worcester (2) Millbury Ave, Millbury (5)
Mountain Farm, Fowler St, Worcester (5), Sylvester Avenue, Leicester (6)

Known Occupations
Wireworker (2) American Steel & Wire Company (5)
Farmer (5)

Immediate Family
Parents: Augusta Sofia Skagerlind, Charles Johnson (Carl Jansson) (1) (7)
Spouse: Kristine (Christine) Kihlman (3) (5)
Children: Edith S., Frank C., Florence A.L., Clarence E. (3)

Date Of Death
July 7th, 1936 (5) (6)

August Hjalmar emigrated from Sweden in 1883 (3) possibly following his uncle Jakob Wilhelm to Massachusetts. He became a US citizen in November 21, 1894 (5), (7). Later, he arrived in Boston after a 3 month visit to Sweden on board the Franconia on August 16th, 1911 after having left Göteborg on August 4th, 1911 (4). August Hjalmar and Kristine were farmers - vegetable farming on Millbury Ave and dairy farming on Mountain Farm where they had 200 cows producing for their wholesale milk business (5). August and Kristine married on June 27,1885 (7) at the Mission Church on Providence St, Worcester where August was one of the founders (5). August Hjalmar was also a deacon of the Salem Square Congregational Church, Worcestrer, MA (6). Kristine survived her husband by only 2 days; they were buried together in a double funeral service in the old Swedish Cemetary. Two and a half months after their deaths, the house they lived in was burned down, local newspaper reports describing the fire as being "of incendiary origin" (6). Images of their house can be seen here.

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August Hjalmar Skagerlind August Hjalmar Skagerlind and Kristine (Kihlman) Skagerlind
August Hjalmar Skagerlind August Hjalmar Skagerlind
Images of August Hjalmar Skagerlind, courtesy of Mr. Chester Skagerlind