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(1) Skagershult: Rekonstruktion av Skagershults kyrkböcker
(3) Cynthia Watson
Augusta Sofia Skagerlind

Date & Place Of Birth
April 11th, 1842, Julita parish, Närke (Örebro Län) Sweden (1)

Known Domiciles
Törntorp? (2)

Known Occupations

Immediate Family
Parents: Jakob Henriksson Skagerlind, Carolina Skyllberg (1) (2)
Spouse: Carl Peter Jansson (Charles Johnson) (3)
Children: August Hjalmar Skagerlind (1) (2)

Date Of Death

Swedish church records use the word "oäkta" (unmarried) to describe Augusta Sofia's status at the time of August Hjälmar's birth (1). She married Carl Jansson (later Americanised to Charles Johnson) on October 15, 1871 and they had four other children together - Carl Axel b. August 24, 1872, Gustaf Wilhelm b. January 28, 1875, Johann Herman b. July 21, 1877, Edia Sofia b. March 8, 1885. (3) Carl died July 21, 1920 in Skagershult. He was married twice more after Augusta Sofia's death - to Matilda Elizabeth Karlsdotter and to Tyra Mary (last name unknown). (3)