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Axel Edvard Skagerlind

Date & Place Of Birth
February 11th, 1878, Ervalla (Örebro Län) Sweden (1)

Known Domiciles

Known Occupations
Tenant farmer?

Immediate Family
Parents: Gustav Alfred Skagerlind, Matilda Olsdotter
Spouse: Anna Elisabet Nord (1) (1), Eva Sofia Nord (2) (1)
Children from (1): Axel Rune, Lars Axel, Axel Torsten, Stig Axel, Sture Axel (1)
Children from (2): Olof Axel, Hans Axel, Eva Matilda Elisabet, Ingeborg Eva Helena (1)

Date Of Death
September 23rd, 1952

Axel Edvard died in a motorcycle accident. (1) His wives, Anna Elisabet and Eva Sofia, were sisters. (1)
(1) Harriet Elisabet Johansson, grand-daughter to Axel Edvard