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Frans Erland Skagerlind (Frank E. Skagerlind)

Date & Place Of Birth
November 2nd, 1860, Skagershult, Närke (Örebro Län), Sweden

Known Domiciles
5300 Keystone Place, Seattle, WA, USA

Known Occupations
1892 - Laborer
1900 - Day Laborer
1910 - Hotel Keeper (Bellvue Hotel, Seattle, WA?)
1916 - Inspector, Seattle City Engineer's Department

Immediate Family
Parents: Lars Abraham Skagerlind, Beata Wirén
Spouse: Hannah Wilhelmina (maiden name unknown)
Children: Frances L. Skagerlind

Date Of Death
April 24th, 1916.

Frans Erland visited Yukon/Klondike 3 times - June 5th, 1899, May 29th, 1900 and August 3rd, 1900. (Dawson City Museum Pan For Gold Database). He was killed by a streetcar in Seattle and it is believed he is buried in the Evergreen-Washelli Memorial Park in King County, WA.
Letter re Erland's death Letter announcing Frans Erland Skagerlind's death
Letter announcing Frans Erland's