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Gustav Skagerlind

Date & Place Of Birth
c.1875, Skagershult, Närke, (Örebro Län) Sweden

Known Domiciles

Known Occupations

Immediate Family
Parents: Unknown
Spouse: Unknown
Children: Unknown

Date Of Death

All we know of Gustav is that as a 27 year old, he made a trip to Worcester, MA, USA from Göteborg. The ship that arrived in New York from Liverpool, UK on November 10th, 1902 was called the Cymric. According to the passenger manifest, he was visiting a brother, A. or possibly H. Skagerlind, domiciled at 85 [L?] [S?]egman St, Worcester, MA. The individuals that the SIA knows were living in that city in 1902 were August Hjalmar Skagerlind and Jakob Wilhelm Skagerlind.
SS Cymric (White Star Line).
This ship carried Gustav to the US from Liverpool, England
in 1902.