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Henrik Olofsson

Date & Place Of Birth
October 1st, 1786, Åtorp? (1)

Known Domiciles
1814 - Hardemo parish (1)

Known Occupations
Crofter (torpare) (1)

Immediate Family
Parents: Olof Persson, Andersdotter (maiden name unknown) (1)
Spouse: Eva Fallström (1)
Children:Jakob Henriksson Skagerlind, Maria Catharina Henriksdotter Skagerlind, Lovisa Henriksdotter Skagerlind, Lars Abraham Skagerlind, Johanna Henriksdotter Skagerlind, Augusta Henriksdotter Skagerlind, Anders Gustaf Skagerlind, Sofia Henriksdotter Skagerlind (1)

Date Of Death
April 10th, 1862 (1)

Henrik Olofsson's estate inventory is preserved - somewhere. Before his marriage to Eva, he was married to Catharina Persdotter (announced January 22nd, 1809) but only for 5 months before divorcing. (1)
(1) Skagershult: Rekonstruktion av Skagershults kyrkböcker