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Jakob Wilhelm (Vilhelm) Skagerlind

Date & Place Of Birth
April 7th, 1853, Viby/Skagershult, Närke (Örebro Län) Sweden

Known Domiciles
1900 - Ward 5, Worcester, MA, USA
1910 - Ward 6, Worcester, MA, USA
1930 - Worcester, MA, USA

Known Occupations
1888-1890 - Laborer in Worcester, MA, USA

Immediate Family
Parents: Jakob Henriksson Skagerlind, Carolina Skyllberg
Spouse: Mana L. Johansson
Children: Selma W., Ida M.

Date Of Death
Unknown - still alive at age 75 for the 1930 US Census.

Swedish emigration records show Jakob Wilhelm left Göteborg for Chicago April 23rd, 1869. Another record from the same source shows Wilhelm leaving Göteborg for Worcester, Masachusetts on August 12th, 1881. Both records indicate that he may not have been sure of his own age - the first has his birth year as 1848, the second as 1855. The church record is more precise - see above.