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Invitation to Lars Abraham
Skagerlind's funeral.
Lars Abraham Skagerlind

Date & Place Of Birth
May 1st, 1826 (1), May 8th, 1826 (5), Åtorp, Skagershult, Närke, (Örebro Län), Sweden

Known Domiciles
Halltorp (Tångeråsa) (1)
1843 - Spaketorp (1)
1884 - Frotorp (2)

Known Occupations
1843 - Farmhand (dräng) (1)
1904 - Farmer (landtbrukare) (3)

Immediate Family
Parents: Henrik Olofsson, Eva Fallström (1)
Spouse: Beata Wirén (2)
Children: Gustav Alfred, Karl Edvard, Lars Albert, Frans Erland, Hilda Karolina (2)

Date Of Death
September 4th, 1904 (3) September 2nd, 1904 (5)

Lars Abraham was marrried a second time to Carolina Charlotta Andersson (3) (born on October 17th, 1857) after Beata's death in December 1883. Charlotta was herself a widow with 6 children from her first marriage (4). A 2006 trip by the curator to the area where Lars Abraham lived and died was unable to locate his grave but did find that the house that he and Beata lived in (Frotorp) is still standing and occupied today. Lars Abraham died of cancer (5).
Lars Abraham Skagerlind's Funeral Card
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