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Madge Louise Benedict's Wedding Ceremony Double Wedding Day
Madge Louise Benedict (Ricky Skagerlind)

Date & Place Of Birth
March 14th, 1885 (1), Streatham, London, UK

Known Domiciles
Valhallavägen, Stockholm, SW (1)

Known Occupations

Immediate Family
Parents: Unknown
Spouse: Lars Erik Skagerlind
Children: Astrid, Barbro, Lars Edward

Date Of Death
February 11th, 1974 (1)

Madge Louise (otherwise known as Ricky) was married to Lars Erik in a double wedding ceremony in the Kristine Kyrka, Göteborg. The other couple being married were Lars Erik's sister Elin and William Alan Stranne (a ship broker). A hand-colored postcard of Madge Louise can be seen here.
Madge Louise Benedict Madge Louise Benedict
Madge Louise Skagerlind (née Benedict).
Madge Louise's double wedding day, September 27th, 1909.
(1) Sveriges Släktforskarförbund - Dödbok