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(1) Sveriges Adels kalender 1908, 1923, 1938
(2) Encyclopedia Sinica - Samuel Couling (1917)

August Werner Hugo von Heidenstam

Date & Place Of Birth
April 29th, 1884 (1)

Known Domiciles
Shanghai, China (1) (2)

Known Occupations
Chief Engineer, Whang Poo (Huangpu) river works, Shanghai, China - c.1911 (1) (2)
Captain, Road & Waterways Engineering Corps (1)
Second Lieutenant, Reserve (1)
Swedish Envoyé Extraordinaire et Ministre Plénipotentiare in Teheran, Iran - c.1938 (1)

Immediate Family
Parents: Adolf Gerhard von Heidenstam, Countess Hedda Margareta Cronstedt af Fullerö (1)
Spouse: Eva Margareta Gyllenkrok (1)
Children: Axel Gerhard Hugo, Hedda Margareta, Eva Jeanette, Carl Werner (1)

Date Of Death
Unknown - 1966?

August Werner Hugo married Eva Margareta May 31st, 1917 (1). In 1911, August Werner Hugo took over the dredging of an improved waterway favorable to shipping for the Hiangpu river. The Huangpu is a tributary channel which connects the lake system of the southern Yangtze Delta with the Yangtze at Woosung, approximately 15 miles from Shanghai (2).