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Carl Gerhard von Heidenstam

Date & Place Of Birth
November 14th, 1876 (1) (4), Constantinople, Ottoman Turkey

Known Domiciles
Lidingö, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark
Constantinople, Ottoman Turkey
Moscow, Russia
Helsinki (Helsingfors), Finland

Known Occupations
Unknown (junior) role for Swedish Embassy to Russia (sometime between 1905 and 1914) (5)
Legation Secretary, Swedish Embassy to Denmark 1908 (1)
Ambassador, Moscow c.1925-1929 (2) (3) (5)
Ambassador, Swedish Embassy to Turkey and Persia (c.1929-1932) (5)
Swedish Ambassador to Finland 1932-1939 (1) (5)

Immediate Family
Parents: Oscar Gustaf von Heidenstam, Leila Jessie Boyd
Spouse: Ethel Thornton
Children: Catarina Elisabet, Anne-Sophie

Date & Place Of Death
March 11th, 1939 (4), Helsinki, Finland

Carl Gerhard represented the fourth successive generation of his family to have served in the Swedish Diplomatic Service in Turkey. He was also the first Swedish Minister to serve in Russia after the Revolution (3). He and Ethel Mabyn were married in Kensington, London, England in 1904.

Carl Gerhard von Heidenstam aged 2
(1) Sveriges Adels kalender 1908, 1923, (2)
(3) Svenska Dagbladet Snällposten June 9th, 1972, (4) Gravestone in Lidingö, Sweden
(5) Mrs. A.S. Skagerlind

Carl Gerhard von Heidenstam c.1938 Carl Gerhard von Heidenstam portrait
Carl Gerhard as photographed by Abdullah Frères, Constantinople, c. 1878
Carl Gerhard c. 1938