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Carl Peter von Heidenstam

Date & Place Of Birth
November 11th, 1792, Smyrna, Ottoman Turkey

Known Domiciles
Stockholm, Sweden
Constantinople, Ottoman Turkey

Known Occupations
Captain in Marshal Murat's army c.1815, Colonel in the Shah of Persia's army c.1816-1817
Captain, Swedish General Staff 1818, Military Attaché in Constantinople, Ottoman Turkey 1818-1824
Chargé d'Affaires in Athens, Greece c.1831
Consul General to the United States of the Ionian Islands c.1838

Immediate Family
Parents: Gerhard Johann Balthasar von Heidenstam, Catharina Anna Grandon de Hochepied
Spouse: Eliza Skene
Children: Oscar Gustaf, Fredrik Carl, Rudolf Wasili, Wilhelmina Adèle Marika

Date & Place Of Death
June 5th, 1878; Athens, Greece

Attended the French Military Academy of Saint Cyr; later wounded fighting for the Neapolitans at the Battle Of Tolentino in 1815. Became a knight of the Order of Mirza in Persia, & published a travelogue in 1825 called "Intelligence Gathered By A Swedish Officer During A Journey From Turkey To Persia". Published three works in French, "Le Tertre de Smirne", "L'Orpheline d'Argos, épisode de la révolution Greque" & "Elmas ou le Guebre Persan". In Constantinople, painted 8 watercolors that are in the National Library archives in Stockholm. Married Eliza Skene in 1840. An Officer of the French Legion d'Honneur, he was buried in the Lutheran cemetery in Athens.

Carl Peter von Heidenstam

Hufudstadsbladet - newspaper article by Gunnar Clement, February 26th, 1933
Carl Peter, from the
Svenskt Biografiskt
Handlexikon (1906)