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Catharina Anna Grandon de Hochepied

Date & Place Of Birth
May 21st, 1767, Smyrna, Ottoman Turkey (3)

Known Domiciles
Constantinople, Ottoman Turkey (2)
Smyrna, Ottoman Turkey (3)

Known Occupations
Amateur actress

Immediate Family
Parents: Jean Daniel Grandon de Hochepied (2) (3)
Spouse: Gerhard Johann Balthasar von Heidenstam
Children: Gustaf Daniel, Adèle Marie, (4) Carl Peter, Carolina Frederika (4)

Date Of Death
1803 (2) before 1855 (3)

Catharina, daughter of the Dutch Consul-General to Ottoman Turkey in Smyrna (Izmir) Count Daniel de Hochepied, married Gerhard von Heidenstam, the Swedish envoy in Constantinople, in 1783. As she was an aspiring actress, Gerhard organized an amateur theatre in the Swedish hotel in Pera for her. In 1786, the theatre opened with an operatic version of "L’ecole des Jaloux" by Antoine Jacob Montfleury (1640-1685) in front of three hundred spectators - the first opera ever performed in Turkey and, probably, in the Muslim world. The music was played by the embassy staff and directed by Gerhard. Catharina Anna participated, together with a couple of other amateur actresses from the families of embassy staff, thereby likely becoming the first woman ever to have performed on a public stage in a Muslim country (1). There are conflicting accounts of her life and death after Gerhard's passing. Either she died in 1803 (1) or she married again in 1807 to Jacob van Lennep, a Dutch merchant (4). She is buried in plot A23 in the Alsancak Dutch Protestant Cemetery in modern day Izmir, Turkey (3).

Catharina Anna Grandon de Hochepied's gravestone
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Catharina Anna's gravestone,
in Smyrna (Izmir) Turkey