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Eliza Skene

Date & Place Of Birth
October 21st, 1810, Inverie, Scotland (1)

Known Domiciles
Edinburgh (1)
Athens (1)

Known Occupations

Immediate Family
Parents: James Skene of Rubislaw, Jane Forbes of Pitsligo (1)
Spouse: Carl Peter von Heidenstam (1) (2)
Children: Oscar Gustaf, Fredrik Carl, Rudolf Wasili, Wilhelmina Adèle Marika (2)

Date Of Death
February 21st, 1886 (1)

Little is known of Eliza; her father, who was a gifted draughtsman, friend of Sir Walter Scott and a member of the British Royal Society, moved to Athens in 1838 for family health reasons (1), which presented the opportunity for Carl Peter and Eliza to meet.

(1) Memorials of the Family of Skene of Skene
(2) Sveriges Adels kalender 1908