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Ernest (Ernst) Joachim Magnus von Heidenstam

Date & Place Of Birth
April 17th, 1745, Kiel, Northern Germany (4)

Known Domiciles

Known Occupations
Physician - Swedish royal physician (Förste Lif-Medicus) to King Gustav lll - 1782 (1) (4)
Leader (or patron) of Royal College of Physicians (Praeses och Archiater) - 1795 (1) (4)

Immediate Family
Parents: Peter von Heidenstam, Kristina Magdalena Johanna Weber
Spouse: Unmarried (4)
Children: None

Date Of Death
August 17th, 1803 (4)

Ernest studied for his medical doctorate under the supervision, among others, of botanist and "father of modern taxonomy" Carl Linnaeus (Carl von Linné) who was also President of the Medical Faculty at Uppsala University (3). Ernest's dissertation was entitled "De Haemorrhagiis ex Plethora" (2) (3) and was scheduled for public disputation in the Caroline Auditorium of the University on May 23rd, 1772 (3). At the time, dissertations were an argument for the Praeses' own work (2) - in this case, Carl Linnaeus - and were scheduled in the Spring so that doctoral candidates could graduate by June of the same year (3). For readers of Latin, a PDF scan of Ernest's 1772 dissertation can be downloaded here - it is an essay on bleeding caused by a greater volume of blood in the circulatory sytem than the heart can accommodate and keep in constant circulation. Ernest died at the age of 58, having been paralyzed by a stroke long before (4).

Ernest JM von Heidenstam Link to large portrait of Ernest JN von Heidenstam
(1) Contemporary portrait, (2) The Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation (Carnegie Mellon University), (3) John L. Heller - "Notes on the Titulature of Linnean Dissertations (May 1983: International Association for Plant Taxonomy)
(4) Biografiskt Lexikon öfver Namnkunnige Svenske Män - KF Werner (1875)

Ernest Joachim Magnus
von Heidenstam - c.1795



Ernest JM von Heidenstam - 1772 dissertation Link to image of Ernest JM von Heidenstam's 1772 dissertation title page
Title page of Ernest's dissertation for his medical doctorate - 1772