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Ethel Mabyn Thornton

Date & Place Of Birth
October 23rd, 1881, St. Petersburg, Russia

Known Domiciles
St. Petersburg/Moscow, Russia
Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey
Helsinki, Finland
Stockholm/Lund, Sweden

Known Occupations
Member, Swedish Red Cross (1)

Immediate Family
Parents: Bateman Thornton, Emma Maxwell (1) (2)
Spouse: Carl Gerhard von Heidenstam
Children: Catarina Elisabet, Anne Sophie

Date Of Death
December 5th, 197?

Ethel's father owned a woollen mill in the St. Petersburg area (2) before the Russian Revolution. She and Carl Gerhard were married in Kensington, London, England in 1904. During the First World War she visited many German POW camps as a Red Cross nurse in Siberia to organise relief and to exchange wounded and sick prisoners via neutral Sweden. Along with Elsa Brändström (for whom she worked) she was much decorated as a result of these difficult and denagerous missions - particularly after the October 1917 Revolution in Russia. In 1971, a West German dramatised TV documentary "Elsa Brändström" (3) portrayed Ethel and husband Carl Gerhard as part of the eponymous heroine's story in WW1.

Ethel von Heidenstam Rec Cross nurse 1914
Ethel von Heidenstam as a Red Cross nurse in Siberia, c.1915