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(1) "Description of the Royal Traveling Pharmacy" (1766)
(2) Peter von Heidenstam's letter to Carl Linnaeus (1754)
(3) The Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation (Carnegie Mellon University)

Johann Christian Peter von Heidenstam

Date & Place Of Birth
1739 (3), probably Germany

Known Domiciles

Known Occupations
Publisher (1)

Immediate Family
Parents: Peter von Heidenstam (1) (2), Kristina Magdalena Johanna Weber
Spouse: Unknown
Children: Unknown

Date Of Death
1774 (3)

It is believed that Johann Christian Peter was the eldest son of Peter von Heidenstam and Kristina Weber. The SIA has three items relating to Johann Christian Peter - the first is his father's 1754 letter to Carl Linnaeus, asking the great scientist to tutor Johann; the second is his 1758 Uppsala dissertation on Quinine (argued in front of Linnaeus - PDF of scanned original in Latin here) and the third is his moniker as publisher and translator of his father's 1766 work "Description of the Royal Traveling Pharmacy".

Johann Christian name Johann Christian's name
Detail from the
Publisher's Note to his
father's 1766 book
Johann Christian Peter von Heidenstam's 1758 Dissertation Johann Christian Peter von Heidenstam's 1758 Dissertation - Cover Page
The cover page of Johann
Christian's 1758 Dissertation