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(1) Sveriges Adels kalender 1938
(2) Oscar Heidenstam Foundation
(3) University of Texas at Austin

Oscar Fredrik Jeffry von Heidenstam

Date & Place Of Birth
February 26th, 1911 (1) February 27th, 1911 (2), Cyprus

Known Domiciles
Nicosia, Cyprus (1) (2)
Jersey, England (2)

Known Occupations
Body Builder (2)
Teacher (at Stowe School?) (2)
Writer (2)

Immediate Family
Parents: Fredrik John (Edgar Henry) von Heidenstam, Violet Amy Gore
Spouse: Unknown
Children: Unknown

Date Of Death
March 21st, 1991 (2)

“The Father of British Bodybuilding” (3). Lived in England and dropped the von from his name. Oscar won the 1937 Mr Britain; he was also the first ever British bodybuilder to win Mr. Europe. Came 2nd in the Mr. Universe contest in 1948. Published the following works: 'Modern Bodybuilding' (1955), 'Modern Health & Figure Culture' (1960), 'Fit at 40 & After' (1961), ''Muscle Building for Beginners' (1981), 'Body Beautiful' (1984), 'Modern Bodybuilding' (1989 updated), 'Beginners Guide to Muscle Building' (1991), 'Body Building for women' (1985), 'Bodybuilding for men' (1985) (2).

Modern Bodybuilding cover (1982) Modern Bodybuilding front cover, 1982 edition