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Peter von Heidenstam
(Peter/Petrus Petersen/Peter Peters)

Date & Place Of Birth
August 11th, 1708, Heide, Holstein, Germany (1) (3)

Known Domiciles
Heide, Neustadt & Frankfurt, Germany (1)
Stockholm, Sweden

Known Occupations
Physician - Neustadt 1736 (3)
Physician-in-Ordinary to Karl Fredrik, Duke of Holstein - 1737 (1)
Professor of Medicine, University of Kiel - 1744 (1) (2)
Physician-in-Ordinary to Crown Prince (later King) Adolf Fredrik of Sweden - 1747 (1) (4)
Archiater (Arkiater) or Royal Physician - 1752 (1)

Immediate Family
Parents: Hans Peters (3) (4), Christina Vossia (3)
Spouse: Two wives, the first of whom was Kristina Magdalena Johanna Weber (5)
Children: 8 sons and 3 daughters (3) by his first marriage including Johann Christian (6), Ernest Joachim M and Gerhard Johann Balthasar; 2 sons and two daughters in the second marriage, all of whom died young except Werther Werner (3).

Date Of Death
January 8th, 1783, Stockholm

Peter Peters raised to the Swedish hereditary nobilty by Royal Decree, January 26th, 1770 by King Adolf Fredrik of Sweden (3); thenceforth known as Peter von Heidenstam. A correspondent with Carl Linnaeus, his 1754 letter to Linnaeus can be seen here & his signature here (6). Wrote an account of the Swedish Royal Traveling Pharmacy in 1766 as Peter Petersen (3), published by son Johann Christian. Successfully inoculated the King's sons against small pox (3). Buried in Stockholm's German Church (3).

Royal Traveling Pharmacy book Link to larger image of the book

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(3) Hufvudstadsbladet - newspaper article by Gunnar Clement, February 26th, 1933
(4) Wikipedia, (5) Svenskt Biografiskt Handlexicon (1906) (6) The Linnaean Society
Peter's book, published in 1766



Peter von Heidenstam Link to Peter von Heidenstam portrait
Peter Petersen, later
Peter von Heidenstam