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Rolf Magnus von Heidenstam

Date & Place Of Birth
June 28th, 1884, Paris, France (1) (6)

Known Domiciles

Known Occupations
Captain, Royal Swedish Navy Reserve (1)
Adjutant to HKH Hertigen af Södermanland (Duke of Södermanland) (1)
President, AB Gasaccumulator aktiobolaget (AGA) 1937-1950 (3) (4)
Chairman, AB Gasaccumulator aktiobolaget (AGA) 1950-1957 (4)
Chairman, General Export Assocation of Sweden (4)
President, International Chamber of Commerce 1951-1953 (5)

Immediate Family
Parents: Oscar Gustaf von Heidenstam, Leila Jessie Boyd
Spouse: Karin von Schmalensée
Children: Brita Leila, Rolf Rolfsson, Hans Rolfsson, Carl Peter Rolfsson

Date Of Death
1958 (6)

Rolf Magnus married Karin February 18th, 1911 (1). He was one of the survivors of the Hindenburg disaster in New Jersey on May 6th,1937 - "One of the survivors, saving himself by jumping from a height of 6 meters from the blazing airship, was the Swedish Chamberlain, Rolf von Heidenstam, who was to become President of AGA 7 months later." (2) (3). Contemporary newsreel footage of the disaster can be seen here. A more detailed account of his escape may be read at Faces of the Hindenburg and his eye-witness testimony here (courtesy of Patrick Russell).

Rolf Magnus von Heidenstam
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(3) "History of Industrial Gases" by E. Almqvist
(4) AGA publicity site (5) International Chamber of Commerce site (6) Faces of the Hindenburg

Rolf Magnus von Heidenstam
Rolf von Heidenstam as Chairman of AGA.
As President of the ICC c.1951.