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(1) Sveriges Adels kalender 1908, 1923
(2) Logie, A Parish History (Vol. 1) by Robert Menzies Fergusson, 1905

Wilhelmina Adèle Marika (Elmina) von Heidenstam

Date & Place Of Birth
January 31st, 1853 (1)

Known Domiciles
Athens, Greece (1) (2)

Known Occupations

Immediate Family
Parents: Carl Peter von Heidenstam, Eliza Skene (1) (2)
Spouse: (1st) John Abercromby (2) (2nd) Basil Nasos (1)
Children: Unknown

Date Of Death

Elmina and her first husband John Abercromby (second son of George, 3rd Baron Abercrombie of Airthrey, Scotland) were cousins and were married by a Dr. Hill at the British Embassy in Athens on August 26th, 1876. They honeymooned at Grylia, Carl Peter von Heidenstam's country house at the foot of Mt. Pentelicus. They were divorced (at John Abercromby's suit) in 1879. (2) Her second husband Basil was a department head at the Foreign Ministry of Greece in Athens. They were married September 1st, 1879. Elmina was widowed when Basil died in 1921. (1)